Data Visualization – the analytics of ‘see and feel’

Over the past 12 months I have shifted my focus from regular statistical analysis of finding coefficients to explore the rich world of data visualizations. A friend of mine was asking what my mission is, well to change the world maybe? And how so!

In history, the use of images to drive meaning from data dates back to centuries from driving with paper maps and graphing of numbers in the 17th century prior to invention of the pie chart by William Playfair in the early 1800s. Charles Minard found a huge application of images to explaining data and occurrence when he mapped Napoleon’s invasion of Russia – depicting the size of the army as well as the path of Napoleon’s retreat from Moscow. Today, data visualizations have progressed to interactive visuals, audios and videos. Who could have imagined!

Why the heck do we care?

Well I can defend that we do analytics for a number of reasons, one of those reasons is “to win”. Analytics help us ‘see‘ history, ‘find‘ patterns, ‘reveal‘ hidden relationships, ‘get‘ a competitive advantage over situations, ‘provide‘ feedback to stakeholders, investors, sponsors or whoever it is that demand accountability. Visualizations help to drive the result of data analytics to senses in ‘sights and feelings’ with the most crude form of knowing. Would you rather discern the prevalence of mass shooting in US by numbers against states or by sight of flowing bubbles in ‘blood’ colors? We use analytics to force data analysis result down peoples’ throats in a friendly manner. No apologies because no one gets hurt.

So what is this about?

For me, analytics goes beyond coefficients. The passion is about combining the otherwise hidden powers of statistics and visual analytics to model and evaluate policy choices and support business decisions in a fast-changing world. Maybe not to change the world, but to make life less complicated.

I am Wilfred / I came prepared

Truth is, I’ve come a long way and its just the beginning. Portfolio here.

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Welcome to September, my month.

Just because it’s September, I’ll love to share a thought. I’ve written this specifically for a focus audience that happen to be my friends on Facebook, but then it won’t hurt if I share with you. I’m sorry but I started this thought-sharing by issuing a warning.

Be careful not to be found the right place at the wrong time or doing the right things the wrong way!

Why did I just say that? Well,

There’s no question of being found doing the wrong thing at the right time or being at the wrong place at the right time, for whatever is bad is bad everywhere and at any time.

Then I talked about succeeding, again this depends on what ‘success’ mean to you.

There’s a connection between every success and timing. Be conscious and press towards the prize you desperately want, being aware of timing.

I love smart means

And if we all use smart phones in a smart world of today, who said you can’t work smarter? Find ways to do things a bit differently; that will redefine your uniqueness and pave ways for more opportunities.

We have endless avenues to explore, we just need to look within and fix things up for the best. And when the path of career or life you currently walk through calls for a change of direction, let your inner mind guide you.

The sailors don’t go all the way down or up, it’s a combination of different turns in calculated and sometimes random bearings.

Welcome to September, my month. I articulated this out of thoughts, and I hope it makes meaning to someone out there.

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