Our History

Our History

Our Company's History.



Baby Steps

The university student who became our CEO started offering content writing services to other students and businesses within his campus in 2009. Back then, it was a largely unpopular business practice that few people knew about or cared much for – but he saw an opportunity and took advantage of it by providing cheaper alternatives than what others were charging at the time!

The beginning stages are often times humble beginnings as many would have them; however, there’s always room (and success) ahead, if you look hard enough – and persevere.



Growing clientele

As a true believer in what became Thewilfreds Creator Inc., our founding team members were able to help our clients grow by providing consistent and high-quality writing services. These qualities pivoted our business from a “one student in a classroom adventure” into a fast-growing content writing outfit!



Fully Incorporated

Following successful business and a growing clientele, Thewilfreds Creator Inc. was birthed in May 2022 as a fully incorporated business entity in Canada. We specialize in blogging, copywriting, and search engine optimization for clients across North America and as well 10 other countries through our growing service list! Footprints of our quality content have taken the websites of our clients to the top of organic SERP.


How We Work.


One-off orders

Send in your request for a single-use content orders. Have us complete the required research, writing, and SEO optimization.

Long-term Engagements

Contract Thewilfreds Creator Inc. to be your long-term Content Developer. We stick with you to take your business to the next level.

Freelance on-call?

Have us on standby to provide your company with the best content writing services. Call and we answer, quality guaranteed!