I’ve come a long way, and its just the beginning.

1. MHI Transport Investment Dashboard

Interactive visualization analytics of transportation network investments by the Government of Saskatchewan, Canada . Covering expenditures, population settlement patterns, highways mapping and traffic reports. (2011-2017).


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LIS Dashboard Combined

 2. SLGA Cannabis License Criteria Dashboard

Mapping of Saskatchewan Towns and Municipalities  to determine eligibility for cannabis licenses based on 2016 Canada Population Census. This project was for the Saskatchewan Liquor and Gaming Authority (SLGA).

SLGA License Criteria Dashboard (3)

3. Government of Canada Intergovernmental Transfer Growth

Visualization of historical growth in Government of Canada Intergovernmental Transfers for all Provinces and Territories. Also known as equalization payments, this transfer is by the Federal Government to provincial and territorial governments to help address fiscal disparities among Canadian provinces based on estimates of provinces’ “fiscal capacity”—their ability to generate tax revenues.

Canada Transfer

4. Canada Population Changes (2007-2017)

This visualization summarizes the gains in population across Canada’s 10 Provinces and the 3 Territories between the years (2007 – 2017).

Population Estimates

5. Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly Bill Tracking Project

The challenge was about improving public reporting, transparency and feedback on bill processes in Saskatchewan Legislative Assembly. I used tableau to create a model for tracking bills as they progress through the legislative process. Course project for #JSGS882.

Legislative Assembly

6. And Yes, my resume used to be interactive!

Interactive Resume
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