I am a cross-trained diligent Information Analyst with years of experience in Data Analytics and Statistical Research; and more recently, Public Policy Analysis. I have extensive knowledge in statistical methodologies, data visualization, public policy research and analyses. I am exposed to various kinds of data management and computing software. I also posses managerial experience par excellence.

I have spent the past 10+ years studying, volunteering, interning with relevant organizations and working to acquire the requisite skills towards becoming a seasoned Digital Information Analyst in cross-functional environments involving statistics, data and public policy issues especially in public organizations. I have a bachelor’s degree in Statistics, a certificate in Data Analytics, Masters of Public Administration (MPA) and self-taught skills. I am creative at finding solutions to problems and exploring options for optimal use of organizational data to improve efficiency, accountability and mitigate risks.

Okwudili wilfred eze

Wilfred Eze (B.Tech. Statistics, Cert. Data Analytics, Master of Public Administration)

In my current role as Policy Analyst at the Government of Saskatchewan, I combine my knowledge of statistics, data analysis, research and public administration to draft, study and collaborate with actors within and outside my organization to carry out analysis that feed into crucial decision making endeavors in the ministry. Within my approximately 12 months of working here, I have successfully worked on projects that generated value and interest at the top levels. I am happy to discuss some of these in an interview, if granted. Also I have held other job positions where I was engaged in data collection, and analysis producing various kinds of solution-oriented graphs and charts ranging from static to interactive visualizations.

As a Canadian-trained Master of Public Administration Graduate, I have been exposed to various public policy issues in Saskatchewan and Canada in general – including the areas of Transportation, Finance, Administration, Health, Agriculture and the Economy. I understand the rich culture of Canadians, the strive for excellence and responsive governance, her unique geography and impact on resource distribution, transportation, settlement, agriculture and other economic activities. I also share in the diversity and ongoing reconciliation plans that the country is known for.

Talk about soft skills, I work with a number of data management systems and software, including Ms Excel, SPSS, Ms Access, Tableau, SQL, ArcGIS Pro and basic exposure to Oracle-based Enterprise Systems. I am knowledgeable in the area of statistical decision science involving test of significance, A/B testing, and data-driven optimization are the rhythm of the drumbeat I march to. I love Google; hence my expertise in Docs, Forms, Sheets, Analytics and Google Ads. For online surveys, I have used Survey Monkey and some other online survey platforms to collect and present data from the public or target audience. Although I have had to speak in the public on rare occasions for lack of necessity, I have designed really good presentations in PowerPoint for would-be-speakers.

On a personal level, I am passionate about my career and hence I stay coordinated and pay good attention to details. I understand that communication is the key for collaboration with team of smart people. Integrity is my thing as I want to be known for who I am. I am possessing as much quantitative knowledge as I do for qualitative reasoning, thus confident with numbers. The big part for me however is my interest in learning and continuous improvement.

Below is a resume showing my training, education, experience and skill sets. You may also check out some sample data visualization projects I have done.

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