Writers Guide: How to publish on Scholarships.world

Writers Guide: How to publish on Scholarships.world

The Writer’s dashboard on Scholarships.world has two sections within which most of your tasks are limited:

  1. Scholarships (Manage Scholarships & Publish New Scholarship).
  2. Blogs (Manage Blogs & Publish New Blog).


There are 3 steps to publish a new topic. The Basics, Attributes & Publish.

Step 1: The Basics

The “Basics” section is where key information such as title, topic url/slug, meta descriptions, deadlines and the main content are entered. Before you proceed to look at what each field is about, look at the following images and notice the numbers assigned to each field.


Meaning of the fields in “The Basics” as in images above.

  1. TITLE: This is the title of your post.
  2. SLUG: This is url of the final topic. Only use the focus keyphrase to form the URL.
    • Eg: If Focus Keyphase is “Study in Canada from Nigeria“,
    • Your SLUG should be: study-in-canada-from-nigeria ).
    • No spaces and no capital letters in SLUG!
  3. EXCERPT: This is your meta description. Catchy, keyword-driven, sellers’ copy description of the content.
  4. SCHOLARSHIP SPONSOR LINK: Website to official scholarship sponsor’s website.
  5. APPLY DATE: This is when the scholarship application starts. Untick NA to select date.
  6. DEADLINE: This is the last date for someone to apply. Untick NA to select date.
  7. OFFICIAL APPLICATION LINK: Link to official sponsor’s website. Where users will click to apply.
  8. FEATURED? If selected, this scholarship will show on the homepage. Always IGNORE THIS.
  9. HEADING: Use this icon to make a paragraph as headings 2, 3, 4 or as normal paragraph.
  10. CLEAR FORMATTING: Clears all formatting from other word editors (ms word or Google Doc).
  11. FONT NAME: Do Not Change – always leave as Helvetica Neue.
  12. LISTS/BULLETS: Format paragraphs as lists (numbered or un-ordered).
  13. ORIENTATION: Decide if a paragraph is centered, left or right aligned. Do Not Change!
  14. TABLE: Use this feature to add a table to your posts (you can also copy and paste tables).
  15. IMAGES: The remaining part of “The Basics” is cover image.
    • Search for scholarship name of the sponsor on google image.
    • Choose good, plain, and sizeable image and save as “focus keyphrase”
    • Upload as COVER IMAGE & Save Changes!
  16. SAVE CHANGES & RELOAD: Always remember to save as you go!

Step 2: “Attributes”

The attribute fields define various criteria for the scholarships. Such as who the scholarship is meant for, the destination country(ies), who is providing the scholarship, type of scholarship, etc. Let’s take them one-by-one.


Meaning of the fields in “The Basics” as in images above.


This is continents of countries that are eligible for the scholarship. For example, if the scholarship is for Nigerian Students, the continent “African Countries” should be selected. If the scholarship is for anyone in the world, then select all the continents (Simply Type Letter A to select, repeat for all continents).


This is the DESTINATION OF STUDY. For example, if people who wins the scholarship will study in Canada ONLY, then choose Canada. If its anywhere in the world, then choose “All Countries”. (Start typing the first letter of the country name to prompt the country, or type “All” to choose all countries.)


This basically is the city where the scholarship school is located. For example, if the scholarship is offered by or will be taken at University of Lagos, then the city is Lagos. Not all cities are available, so its optional.


This is the school where the scholarship will be taken. Most times, only one school will host the scholarships, other times (eg: WHO scholarships, World Bank Scholarship, etc) it could be many schools. Select the “main school” first before others if they are more than 1. Type “All Schools” to select everything.


This means the type of scholarships offered. Eg: Award, Full Scholarships, Partial Scholarships, Competition, etc. Start typing the first letter to prompt field display. Type “All Funding” to select everything.


This is the level of education that is eligible for the scholarship. Eg: Undergraduate, Masters, PhD, Research, MPhil, etc. Start typing the first letter to prompt field display. Type “All Degrees” to select everything.


This is the subject of study that the scholarship is available to. Eg: Chemistry, Medicine, Statistics, etc. Start typing the first letter to prompt field display. Type “All Programs” to select everything.


This is the name or type of organization, government, university offering the scholarship. Start typing the first letter to prompt field display. Type “All Benefactors” to select everything.


This is countries that are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Eg: For Nigerian Students, for Indian Students, etc. Start typing the first letter of country name to prompt field display. Type “All Beneficiaries” to select everything.

Wrapping up

Once the main body contents (Overview, benefits, criteria, etc – including cover images) and other fields are completed, simply go to the last step (step 3) and submit by selecting “Review” from the publish status. THEN SCROLL DOWN TO SAVE CHANGES.

Once submitted, you cannot make changes again – only Editors can edit and publish.

I hope this helps!